001 Hide and Panic Stations

A day in the life of Sam includes daydreaming about cakes made of dog-bones, relaxing with the McClaine family – Dad, Mom, six-year-old Jack and baby Molly, and endlessly “saving the day” from inevitable catastrophe!

The ever faithful basset hound acts as both a friend and protector of his beloved human family, which can be exhausting at times. Luckily, Sam has some help from his doggy ancestors, who passed down very special, very secret super powers…




With a simple chant, he can switch into super speed mode and even add an extra power, such as super sleuthing, engineering and cleaning! Absolutely no one in the family knows about these super powers, except for little Molly, who couldn’t tell anyone even if she wanted to…her main words being, “Ma,” “Da” and “More” and “Ja”!

Sam can almost always be found hanging out with his best friend, Jack. The two love doing everything together; lounging around the TV room, playing catch out in the garden, and engaging in fun games like Hide & Seek.

But one day, the usually innocent game of Hide & Seek goes seriously wrong – and causes a serious house-wide panic! It starts off normally enough, Jack finds Sam with ease…then it’s Jack’s turn to hide and Sam’s to seek, that’s where the trouble begins…




Jack loses himself in a comic and his favorite tunes while in his super-secret hiding spot – this spot’s almost too good. Even Sam’s special powers can’t seem to help solve the mystery of the missing boy! Meanwhile, Mom and Dad go on a frantic search – even Molly knows something’s up.

Will the mystery get solved before Mom calls the cops?! Children, parents and teachers alike will easily delve into this tale full of humor, drama, suspense and a little learning. This rousing episode from the “Sam Saves the Day” series will keep readers both young and old on their feet as they read, Hide and Panic Stations!

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