Lights Out

What could be better than a fun, caring, protective basset hound with big brown eyes and a particular taste for doggy biscuits? How about one with added super-secret, super special ancient powers of speed along with other helpful abilities…one like Sam!

The McClaine family, including Dad, Mom, six-year-old Jack and baby Molly, loves Sam so much, they see him as just another family member. And they’d love him even more If they knew how often the dutiful Sam did to make sure everyone, especially Jack and Molly, stayed clean, safe and sound!

But, Sam keeps his secret powers and “saving” adventures to himself…well, to himself and baby Molly, who couldn’t tell anyone even if she wanted! He mostly hangs out with Mom as she cleans, cooks, Dad when he’s waxing his beloved car, Molly when she’s watching TV and Jack when he’s hanging in his room reading a comic.

Now, usually it’s Jack who gets into scrapes that Sam has to “save” him from, but this time, it’s a combination of stormy weather and a misjudgment by Mom! This episode starts with a flash of lightning that turns what would’ve been a typical evening of cooking dinner before Dad gets home to an evening of scares, shocks and an ambulance!

Mixed with humor, excitement and some scary situations this story from the Supper Speed Sam series will keep both children and adults at the edge of their seats! Not only is it great for reading at bedtime or story time in the classroom for entertainment, but this story can be used as an fun but invaluable educational tool!

It helps teach children to find out, along with Jack, Molly and Sam, what they should do in an emergency. On top of that, it shows the danger of electricity and climbing unsafe furniture! Kids and grown-ups alike will love and learn from Sam and the family in the exciting and endearing tale, Lights Out!