Why has Santa’s Grotto turned green?

Back up north, in Santa’s workshop, green swirling lights lit up all over the place. Next, alarm bells sounded, echoing in the workshop’s hallways. It was the Relves’ alert. Cozy at home and not able to hear the alarm just yet Sparkle called out to her fellow Relves.

“So, who wants to play cards?” Nobody liked playing cards with Sparkle because she always won. Charlie couldn’t play even if he wanted to; he was still lathering his ‘beard’ in the shower. Holly was too busy painting the woodwork in her bedroom, anticipating spring already. And Jack was far too involved with his gourmet creation in the kitchen to play cards.

Then, the noise and lights of the green alarm began to infiltrate their area of Santa’s workshop. The siren blared more urgent and desperate with each moment.

“Can somebody please close the door,” Jack yelled from the kitchen, “that noise is confusing my soufflé. It’s gonna collapse!”

There was no reply, so he went to close the door himself, warmed plates still in hand. He passed Sparkle on his way and asked,

“What is that noise anyway?”

No sooner had Jack finished his question then Charlie emerged from the bathroom, towel around his waist, toothbrush in his mouth.