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It’s that wonderful time of year when color and happiness return when Spring has sprung. But what happens when all the Easter cheer turns to doom and gloom? It’s up to Super Speed Sam, of course, to turn things around and show the McClaine family the reason for the season.

When Mom’s dreams of a happy, healthy Easter turn into a holiday nightmare, everything begins to unravel! Between Jack’s sulking, Molly’s mimicking, and Dad in the doghouse, no one’s got any holiday spirit left! Even with all of his super powers, Sam may not have what it takes to save this special day.

With chaos clouding the McClaine’s day left and right, it may just be the power of family that win the day. Join Sam and the whole McClaine clan as they learn the true power of family and what it means to come together and celebrate the ones you love in this funny, touching, holiday tale!

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