Meet The McClaine Family...

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Meet the McClaine family. That's Mom, Dad, Jack, who is six, Molly, who has just discovered how to crawl and Sam, the faithful basset hound, sworn defender of the McClaine family. Sam shares a special relationship with Molly but spends most of his time cleaning messes which, if discovered by Mom or Dad, would have Jack grounded for months on end!

Mom gave up work when the kids arrived and spends her time caring for and entertaining both Molly and Jack. Mom is not only the household’s queen, but races around non-stop, never able to do enough for her special little princess, Molly.

There is very little that annoys Mom, except when Dad returns from work late after swinging by the hardware store for items such as Amazing Shine or Perfect Wax for his beloved Red Corvette Stingray! Dad spends a lot of time in the garage polishing and tinkering, but he also works very hard to support Mom and the family in every way.

When Dad’s not polishing, gardening, playing with the family or watching sports in the TV room, he can be found in his study. It’s there that he uses his vivid imagination to create characters for children’s books. Although Dad’s real name is Marty, for some reason Mom always calls him Monty when he's locked away in his study, slaving over the keyboard.

Next, meet Jack…a typical young boy who can often be found lounging on his bed, listening to his favorite music with headphones and reading his latest adventure comic. Jack can be both mischievous and angelic, destructive and sweet!

We now introduce you to the youngest, and some would say the cutest family member…Molly. Otherwise known as Mom's little princess! She’s often found in her high chair where she loves joining in with the rest of the family and their antics. She also enjoys exploring the world from her own perspective as she crawls around and plays. Molly and Sam share a special bond, with their own secret adventures.

Sam, the beloved basset hound, has been with the McClaine family since…well since as long as he can remember.  Sam loves his human family and enjoys joining in all their activities. Equally, the McClaines love having such a caring and involved dog in the family.

Sam is the self-appointed family protector, which sounded very exciting at first, but ended up as more of a chore. This is especially true where Jack is concerned – the boy is constantly getting into the most mischievous situations, ones that no normal dog could cope with. Fortunately, Sam is anything but normal!

In fact, Sam has special abilities that help him quickly get Jack out of his never-ending scrapes. After reciting a very secret, very ancient chant from his forefathers, he can summon super speed, which allows him to take mere minutes to do what would otherwise take hours! On top of that, Sam can add in specialized skills during the chant, which he can use while in super speed mode.

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