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Sometimes saving someone means saving them from themselves. That’s the sticky situation in which Sam has found himself. Having been Jack’s best friend for many years, Sam knows that being six is no easy task.

With a lot of energy and many of wants and feelings, Jack sometimes finds himself in very big messes of his own design. Sometimes he can be selfish and hurt others and that’s when it’s time for Sam to spring into action! Being a super pup is hard work, but Sam loves Jack and knows that it’s his job to help protect and care for his little troublemaker. That’s the name of the game, at least, when a brand new neighbor boy comes over to play and finds himself at the mercy of one of Jack’s latest schemes!

It’s up to Sam to pull Jack from the dark side and realize that making friendships, while scary, takes hard work. If Sam doesn’t save Jack from himself there will be a lot more than toys crashing down around them!

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