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You can’t always judge a book by its cover or a cat by its color, and there are always new things we can learn about each other and ourselves - as our pal Sam learns one beautiful, sunny day.

When Mom, Jack, and Sam visit their new neighbors the Goldmans, Jack learns that there is more than just one way to have fun and Sam gets a dose of feline drama! For Bella, the Goldman’s cat is a big, huge, diva, and although Sam and her do not get along, there’s more in store for the pair than just a playdate gone wrong!

While Sam and Bella struggle to find common ground, Jack learns new lessons about seeing the world differently and how to be a better friend. In this hilarious tale of unlikely friendships, explore and enjoy the wonders of meeting someone new and learning things too! Can Bella and Sam move past their differences? Or is Super Speed Sam and his superpowers no match for this crazy cat?

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