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When bath time becomes go-time, this super-speeding, frog-like canine springs into action and discovers the adventure of a lifetime lives under the water! In a brand-new shrinking story of magical proportions, Super Speed Sam is going down--the drain that is!

When Jack’s bubble bath becomes an unsupervised disaster, it’s up to the McClaines beloved basset hound, Sam, to spring into action as a bouncing frog-like fiend and get to the bottom of the trouble--and the tub! What could possibly go wrong when a superhero dog dives under the waves? Well, as Sam soon learns, not all the bath toys are friendly and there is a bit more than just bubbles to beware as he surges into action!

Will Sam pull the plug in time before the bathroom gets completely flooded? Or will he bite off more than he can chew when he goes paw-to-fin with Jack’s brand new shark toy? Dive into this all-new adventure and find out how bath time became adventure time!

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