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From "Santa's Rescue Dog" ...Sleepy Sam - dozing in front of the warm kitchen fire

Sam had been dozing in front of the kitchen’s open fire. Little flames gently crackled this way and that from the slow-burning wood. He was as excited as Zachariah and Sophie.

The noise of field mice scratching under the wooden floor was usually a comfort to Sam. He knew all the usual cabin sounds, smells, and sights. As a proud defender of the Brockman family and their home, he had to know all these things.

That’s why his guard went up when an unfamiliar aroma suddenly passed over his nose. It somehow reminded him of Christmas – a little pine, a touch of peppermint and a dash of gingerbread. But, the Christmas Day festivities wouldn’t start until tomorrow, and all the Brockman family were still fast asleep.

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From "Santa's Rescue Dog" ...Why has Santa's Grotto turned green?

Back up north, in Santa’s workshop, green swirling lights lit up all over the place. Next, alarm bells sounded, echoing in the workshop’s hallways. It was the Relves’ alert. Cozy at home and not able to hear the alarm just yet Sparkle called out to her fellow Relves.

“So, who wants to play cards?” Nobody liked playing cards with Sparkle because she always won. Charlie couldn’t play even if he wanted to; he was still lathering his ‘beard’ in the shower. Holly was too busy painting the woodwork in her bedroom, anticipating spring already. And Jack was far too involved with his gourmet creation in the kitchen to play cards.

Then, the noise and lights of the green alarm began to infiltrate their area of Santa’s workshop. The siren blared more urgent and desperate with each moment.

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From "Santa's Rescue Dog" ...The main hangar doors appear to be stuck!

Finally, Mrs. Claus gave the order to open the huge hanger door. Clunks, swirls, and clicks sounded as the wheels were put in motion to open the huge steel doors.

But the clicks turned into a clunk and the whirls into a strained whine as the doors refused to open.

“We're snowed in,” Mrs. Claus heard a reporting elf say through her intercom in the DR. She buried her face in her hands for a moment.

“Oh, cinnamon sticks! The doors won’t open with the weight of the snow on them…what can we do?”

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