002 Reach for the Sky

Is it a bird?… Is it a plane?… No… it’s Super Speed Sam to the rescue for yet another mischievous mess six-year-old Jack McClaine’s gotten himself into! The lovable basset hound is devoted to his human family, which includes Mom, Dad, Jack and baby Molly. Sam can almost always be found hanging out with the family, daydreaming, eating or playing a game with the kids.

In most ways, Sam has the typical traits of most other canines… that is all except for one very top secret thing. Like his great, great, great, great grandfather, Sam can summon the power of super speed along with another helpful ability to suit his need – such as super sleuthing, super cleaning or super engineering skills!


Only the family’s princess, Molly knows about Sam’s super-secret, which gives the two an extra special bond. So, when Jack gets himself into another crazy mess, Sam springs into action with these mysterious powers!

This time, Jack is plotting revenge against Molly, or rather her beloved rag doll. He carries out his devious plan all while making an innovative and elaborate railway masterpiece in his bedroom. Jack’s frustration levels rise to dangerous heights, causing him to carry out some cunning yet not so safe actions!


Once again, it’s up to Sam, and Sam alone, to save Jack from crash landing, rescue Molly’s beloved rag doll and make sure neither Mom or Molly get too upset with the impish boy! Will he be able to achieve all of this and keep his special powers a secret at the same time?